Co-living: The New way of living

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The concept of sharing the service is nothing new. These days we’re seeing it happening on a bigger level everywhere. Look at Uber and then Lyft – the cab sharing facility/concept. Now, the idea of sharing has changed our ways of living as well. But let’s see how co-living is the next concept of sharing.

Co-living is a project which enables different people to live together with one vision, under one roof. It is an inclusive term for co-housing communities, residential land trusts, and urban housing cooperatives.

This is a modern way of living where residents share a set of interests with each other. It includes the exchange of values, intentions, and typical home stuff with roommates. It is a step higher for taking the old idea of living to co-living. The improved idea is generated by the millennial generation that has a thing for openness, collaboration, social networking and sharing economy.

The co-living encompasses cultural distinction and structural patterns in a space which include rental and ownership parameters. This modern phenomenon is covering landmass from rural to urban states for providing affordable and comfortable housings. The urban societies are quickly accepting co-living into a single building, house, and apartments.

Fascinating facts about Co-Living!

The first point comes, why would one choose co-living over buying apartments on rental basis? Well, because it gives a homely environment to its residents. It inspires and authorizes its home mates to share same house stuff and participate in various home activities. The friendly and healthy environment of the home helps people to collaborate with each other. Also, it educates home mates to help each other and extend their community. Co-living enables people to live a sustainable lifestyle of shared resources.

The co-living spaces are designed to support and give a purpose-driven living space for individuals.

  • It creates a community amongst people you live with.

One could say it inspires a person to learn and live alongside a community. Also, living with a partner or roommate is better than living in alone.

  • Open atmosphere teaches collaboration to its residents

A quick feel of living in a collaborated environment increases the openness and a sense of corporation among its home mates. So you not only live with each other, you could even be working partners.

  • Teaches the real worth of sharing

All residents share common home essentials. Which promotes the lifestyle of sharing all appliances.

Co-living is the next new way of living:

The fantastic concept of co-living has acquired some names by its inhabitants. While some people call it Dorm, others call it by simply boarding home. It is a perfect housing solution for urban house crisis. Also, it provides a remedy to those lonely souls who want some connections in this digitally connected web world. A great platform to combine live/work alternatives for people who are remote workers or global nomads.

1- Affordable Co-living

This co-living comes under a wallet-friendly budget. PodShare of Los Angeles displays an extensive collection of hotel rooms. These rooms are constructed in custom-built bunk-style along with TV, kitchen, outlets, lights, and a well-furnished decorum.

2- Supports work/life balance

Today’s co-living arrangement gives a liability to its residents to maintain a work/life balance. It also avails an opportunity to its residents to work from home or remote working. It also enables a person to work from home and enjoy a free life.

3- It ensures a beehive scheme

It allows a person to live in a hive ecosystem, and many residents have appreciated the co-living as a supportive atmosphere. According to Meyer, the founder of  Zoku one of the co-living home, describes it in words of “coziness, texture, and tactility.” He said, “We feel that has very much enhanced the product dramatically.”

4- The elegant treatment

Co-living houses offer a beautiful treatment to its employees. Moreover, many homes mix luxury and co-living at the same time while presenting their homes to coming residents. Also, there are a number of co-living houses in Los Angels that are live examples of elegant living with luxurious comfort.


Co-living never lets its purpose go away from its reach which is a home environment. It’s a great way of living in a space where one could feel as comfortable as at home. The only difference one could feel in co-living is the missing family members.

It is becoming a trend of living now. It’s also a good platform to spread unity and love in the world. Also, different people from different culture come together to live in a single space and share typical home stuff. Eventually, they develop a friendship bond between them.

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