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Co-learning Space: Bringing Educators, Parents, and Students Together

Campfire Campus
Campfire Campus is located in Harbourfront Landmark, a short walk from Whampoa MTR.

Campfire Campus at Harbourfront Landmark delivers a cultivating fun and friendly approach to play based – learning facilities. Bringing in aspects of entrepreneurship and interactive areas to enhance your children’s creative mindset bringing out the inner kid-preneur.

Our Co-learning camps bring a vital multi-focus learning facility by coming together in a centralized location with hand-picked education providers to curate an attractive learning facility for parents around the surrounding area.

Campfire Campus delivers child-initiated, play-based, and creative classes that focus on ensuring children reach their development goals. Additionally, children will benefit from exposure to young entrepreneur programmes through the Campfire network.

Welcome to your new co-learning space in Whampoa

“Collaborative learning is the method by which teachers and students play an equally active role in the learning process.”

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