Campfire Learn

Co-learning Space: Bringing Educators, Parents, and Students Together

Co-learning makes the basic principles of continuous learning a reality. It is a collaborative environment that engages children to discover new skills and promotes further development for adults. Campfire’s co-learning will become the new staple for lifelong learning.

Campfire offers flexible real estate across hospitality, retail and lifestyle operations. With a diverse range of F&B offerings, wellness facilities, family entertainment and creative playground areas, Campfire aims to build purposeful experiences that help nurture a new generation of creators.

For Parents


As Hong Kong’s first integrated education platform, Campfire co-learning connects children with engaging education providers in an exciting and entertaining environment, where they can meet and play with others in a fun and safe place.

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For Educators


Join Campfire’s co-learning community! We take care of everything else – so you can fully focus on attracting students and giving them your best education possible. We help you grow so you can help your students grow.

Join other learning centres to become a part of this education destination.

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