Camper’s Spotlight – How Beulah gets inspired to go further, faster

Art guru, art gallery founder & director and Campfire member Beulah Van Rensburg talks to us about how to keep the creative juices flowing in the face of the infinite to-do lists and Hong Kong hustle.

Always on the go with her early morning espresso, Australian-born artist Beulah is easily spotted in Campfire’s bustling co-working space, beaming with energy and creativity. Most of it comes from her great passion of art and by surrounding herself with constant inspiration.

Beulah always feels lucky to be born with strong passion for art. “I have been attracted to visual arts since I can remember and now drawing, painting and creating everyday is what makes me feel alive.” And so Van Rensburg Galleries was founded 5 years ago, out of her love for painting.

Here, Beulah shares with us the fascinating stories behind the brushes and canvases and how she stays inspired in the hectic everyday life.

The Key Elements of Being an Artist

Dedication: When you see a successful artist, they’ve become a master of their craft not through ease, but through hours and hours of hard work. “My parents are not creative, my dad is an engineer and my mother a teacher, but my South African father drilled into me a very strong work ethic.” Sometimes you have to be sitting in the studio for eight hours on end before you can find inspiration to put brush to canvas and finally create what you want.

“You have to do the same thing over and over and over again and become really good at it.”

Being able to take rejection: Being the naturally sensitive and emotional beings we are, it’s very difficult and even heart-breaking to be rejected as an artist. That’s why it’s crucial to develop an element of ‘toughness’ to take onboard criticism and keep creating and continuing to get better at what you do.

Ground Yourself in a Vision

Running a gallery means a lot of logistics, operations and behind-the-scene work. However,

Beulah shows us how to find joy and meaning in her less exciting daily tasks of gallery administration.

“It’s all about having a vision and loving what you do, as well as loving what other artists do.

Having a vision: Beulah’s gallery was founded with her firm belief that there is a place for everybody. Now representing 28 artists, including herself, Van Rensburg Galleries aims to showcase wit, humour and mastery of craft, while successfully bringing hundreds of artworks to an engaged audience.

Celebrating small moments: Beulah’s appreciation of magical moments of connection is a constant source of motivation and inspiration for her.

“The opportunity and ability to bring an artwork closer to a person’s eyes and open their heart is just wondrous and inspiring. When someone wakes up to an artwork, sometimes they cry and I cry with them” says Beulah.

How To Go further faster?

Constantly on the go and working across four different time zones, the talented and successful Beulah explains her recipe to go further, faster.

“From the right people, you get more energy.”

Hustle: It means starting earlier, working longer, and harder, with better people. Early morning espresso coffees, late nights with a glass of wine! Whatever it takes to get it done!

Love what you do: It’s almost impossible to show up for work every single day without a strong drive and powerful passion. Your desire will give you more energy to get what you want.

Surround yourself with inspiration everyday: Be in a place and with people from which you can draw energy and inspiration. It’s the people around you, the energy and the spirit that surrounds you, that will help you go further, faster.

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