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By May 23, 2016 October 2nd, 2018 Coworking

Like dominoes, the knock-on effect of your entrepreneurial pursuits is both contagious and *clack-clacking*. Now forgive the onomatopoeia but such is the same, very great, reason coworking exists: that is, “it takes two flints to make a fire”. Past the potential to incandesce, working in tandem , arguably, has business owners creating their best work – in the process trailblazing beyond limits many thought inconceivable, let alone impossible. And whilst innovators rarely go into detail as much, and yes, this is a tough pill to swallow, competition is seemingly, motivator number one. That said, we can rest assured that the collective yields far greater rewards than the lone wolf might.

From points A through Z, at whatever distance, our mission is to live up to the collaborative potential of our residents. Heresy alone is enough to hedge on oil futures so why shouldn’t cold hard facts and insider tips dictate day-to-day strategy? This blog, multipurpose, serves to keep you informed across industries, oceans and even commercial blocks finding you that sustainable and spritely morning drive. Having conspired to be the anti-office un-corporate with an inclusive, but seriously casual, campsite interface we raise the question:

Who said storytelling and badge-earning is best left to nature lovers? The city has its own kind of wilderness.

Here are a few things to expect from this blog:

Given Hong Kong’s half-decade effusion of startups and all its trailing fanfare, staying in-the-know is hard. The Campfire blog provides a curated weekly timetable of essential startup gatherings in and around metropolis – with justifications for why you should attend and how you’ll benefit. NOTE: Look out for #CAMPFIRETOASTIES: our home brewed concoction of workshops, guest appearances, and mixers. To supplement, expect detailed exposes of key business people in our “Camper of the Month” segment – honing in on every entity between budding startup and influential bigwig.

A new way of living demands new philosophy. We’ll publish two articles a week with the latest in industry findings, startup psychology, hacks (including tools) and business tips to keep you aligned with your ethos and furthermore, always learning new skills.

A self-questionnaire to weigh your conviction:

Are financial gains no longer rewarding; is each day met with a growing intrinsic resistance?

Are you passionate about something and is your child-like enthusiasm intoxicating, mildly annoying?

Are you comfortable with the people you surround yourself by and feel boundless in their support?

Do you understand treacheries of solo flight but don’t actually give a hoot?

Lastly, we promised the fun and we’re bringing it. Quizzes, endearing images, anything to inspire, humor or motivate in a montage of quirky web findings. For those of you with social handles feel free to post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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