Why is blogging important to your website?

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Gone are the days when Blogging was regarded only as a tool to express and share one’s feelings, thoughts or experiences. In the current times, blogging has evolved as one of the most effective and easily affordable marketing tool, especially for businesses having an online existence. And not only the businesses even the individuals who want to build a strong online presence are also getting alienated towards writing blogs and publishing them online.

Moreover, if you analyze the difference between the websites enjoying a large traffic and the ones suffering from low visitor rates, you will first of all notice that all the successful business websites would surely have a blog. A blog is not just a platform for publishing lengthy writings or journals as it is generally assumed by most of the people. Rather it is a smart way to keep your audience in touch with informative but fresh and unique content, resulting into higher traffic on website and increased sales. Here, you will find some factors that will make you understand as why blogging is important for your website in the present times.

Enhances Search Engine Traffic

The more you publish about your products, ideas and inspirations on your website, the more traffic will be directed by Google to your website because the blogging enables you cover all the maximum keywords related to your business nature. A general internet user looking for some particular product or service can land on your website and also can be transformed into your potential customer, only by exposing your blogging content.

Google has improved his algorithms for website rankings through ‘Panda & Penguin’ and both pay much importance to fresh, regularly updated and unique content. Google’s terms and conditions can only be met by having a blog page on your website and posting fresh content relevant to your business. Thus, it will attract much traffic on your website by improving your website SEO.

Improves Leads & Conversion Rates

Among a vast number of lead generation strategies available online, Blogging is the best one and a totally free method to improve your business leads and conversion rates. Publishing your blog posts with a call-to-action button on the bottom will direct as many people to sign up for your free offers, emails and so on. Moreover, a website having 400 pages with a vast number of blogs published on it is sure to grab more leads and conversions as more publishing results into increased reach. Thus, freshly written blogs with unique and interesting topic ideas will attract more potential clients to your business.

Establishes Inbound Links

Generating high-quality Inbound Links, one of the most important practices of SEO and also one of important factors that drive maximum traffic to your website, can easily be achieved with publishing rich quality blogs on the latest industry topics in trend. When you create completely a unique blog on a prevalent market trend, the other bloggers and writers often start using your blog as a resource; your blog link starts getting viral in the online world through your blog references made in others’ writing. Thus, it results in creating an unimagined number of inbound links for your website.

Establishes Your Authority as an Industry Expert

When the common audience as well as the industry people read about your exclusive services and pertinent capabilities, they start building a positive overview for your products, services and ideas. Thus, Blogging has been known as one of the best ways to enhance your personal and brand reputation as an expert. And it’s only your identity as an expert that differentiates you from your competitors and establishes a feeling of trust among potential customers. Thus, it leads to more visitors on your website and more sales in return.

This becomes even more important when your website focuses primarily on selling some product or service as it is the most useful way in creating a niche of yours in the relevant industry. And moreover, it is the only strategy to utilize your face value or repute in improving your lead generation ratio.

Enhances Your Brand’s Loyalty

As discussed above, Blogging establishes you as an industry expert and side by side, it plays a major role in establishing your brand’s loyalty among a vast audience. When your blogs get successful in relating your customers’ issues and problems and in providing them pertinent solutions, they start looking upon your brand as a trusted one. This makes you brand loyalty enjoy such a position that whenever any new product or service gets introduced by your brand name, people will surely buy it. In short, blogging is much more responsible for building a brand loyalty that is the only way to invite repeated customers.

Improves Your Social Media Presence

Believe it or not, the number of followers on various social media platforms is also one of the factors to decide a business’ loyalty and success rate these days. The more active a business is on the social media, the more trusted and successful it is! And Blogging is the best way to maintain a strong presence on social media with unique and fresh content. Moreover, sharing your blog posts on social media also directs a vast number of audiences to your website.

A social media sharing button given on the bottom of your blog facilitates it to get shared and re-shared by most of the readers on their own social media profiles. Thus, your blog empowers your website enjoy the maximum exposure and potential customers as well.

Engages Maximum Audience

Blogging provides incredible opportunities to initiate a two-way conversation among the audience, prospect customers and industry experts through various channels such as comments, feedback and reviews. When you publish a blog with a comments or reviews section on the bottom, you provide your readers a chance to present their own suggestions, ideas or even criticism here. And these are often taken into discussion by other readers and so on. Hence a conversation starts over a particular topic that offers you a chance to build trust among your readers.

Moreover, as long as the conversation lasts, the maximum of readers join it and ultimately it results in advertising your website to the limitless number of people. Everything that goes on through this channel will at last build your brand recognition.

In a nutshell, we can sum up ‘Blogging’ as a world in itself that is constructed from various different elements but have only a single soul aim behind its establishment: to grow your search traffic, customers’ trust and increase sales.

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