22/03/2017, raises 6M USD in seed round

FASTEST GROWING INDUSTRY-FOCUSED CO-WORKING SPACE IN HONG KONG, CAMPFIRE.WORK, RAISES 6M USD IN SEED ROUND For immediate release, Hong Kong, 22nd March ’17 – After just 1 year of offering co-working spaces in 2 centers in Hong Kong, Campfire Collaborative Spaces has secured $6M USD in their seed round of financing. Along with this announcement,


Benefits of Remote Working

Remote working is when employees work from anywhere outside the company office. It is also known as telecommuting and telework. Remote workers and traveling salespeople work on different platforms away from their permanent organization. It has replaced the traditional style of working through its new and innovative working style. One can easily work from one’s


What makes co-working spaces attractive to start-ups?

Since the very first arrival of co-working spaces in the modern century, it has attracted various startups towards it. A co-working place serves the very basic need of the entrepreneurs which is space. It offers a collaborated atmosphere to the beginners or start-ups when they search for purchasing a typical office place under contract. The


About: StoreFront – Campfire Member

What’s your company story? Tell us a bit about Storefront? In 2014, Mohamed Houache and Adrien Kerbrat created the French platform dedicated to short-term retail spaces rental in Paris: PopUpImmo. It rapidly became the French leader and opened new offices in Europe and Hong Kong under the name OuiOpen with the reinforcement of the founding


Healthy Work-Life Balance

How to encourage your employees to have a healthy work-life balance A healthy work-life balance is an important schedule that must be followed by each employee of every organization. This improves the working efficiency of employees and the productivity of the hub. An ideal balance between the working life and family or leisure life must


The 1 Thing You Need to Succeed (Anywhere, Anytime)

“Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” Bill Gates And, today everyone is familiar with the name Bill Gates and his success story. Many of us might be searching what would be the secret behind the success of famous personalities? Well, it’s simpler than you have thought of


5 Tips to Boost Your Productivity in Co-working Spaces

The growth of co-working space industry is exceptional. Co-working is nothing but is the sharing of three critical resources that any firm needs to be productive. The three resources as: Physical (office space) Logistical (all other physical resources) Intellectual (a community with which you can engage and share your knowledge to create value for yourself and


Why should remote workers consider co-working spaces?

This leading world is transforming its way of working. It is shifting everything from the routine lifestyle to working decorum. These days, office hours have shifted from the usual timing (9-5) to customized timings. This is responsible for relocating the entire life of an individual. It is flawlessly beneficial for us to work from the


Why Bigger Companies are Now Moving into Coworking Spaces

Before starting the discussion on the topic, firstly, we’ll like to introduce you to the term ‘Coworking Space’. Let’s take a look: What is a Coworking Space? For those who are not familiar with the term Coworking Space, it is a large office which houses many businesses or companies. Here, you can find small businesses


Hong Kong’s love affair with Tesla vehicles looks set to grind to a halt

From the last three years, Hong Kong has been unexpectedly maintaining the world’s top slot for manufacturing the best electric cars. Tesla vehicles hold the neon signs and skyscrapers and have covered the urban roads along with the central business district. In a speech on the annual budget for 2017 by the financial secretary, Paul


Avoid These Mistakes That Doom Many Start-Ups

The successes of start-ups like Uber and Alibaba have encouraged big dreams from Silicon Valley to Beijing. But before leaving your regular jobs, just take a look at some common issues described below. An early-stage venture capital firm Golden Gate Ventures which invests in Southeast Asian startups has partnered with INSEAD business school just to


4 Marketing Tips to Help You Reach the Price-Sensitive Customer

As you know, each market is different from others and if you try to use same strategies on each demographic then you can’t get satisfied results. It means you can’t get the attention of price-sensitive clients with the same tactic you use to achieve those consumers who fall on the upper end of the spending