Why will Co-Living impact real estate?

Today, technology is teaching us the real meaning of sharing. Yes, seems funny! But indeed it is. Sharing is the new way to having facilities everyone wants at a lower cost. Co-living is a new and improved way of living with other residents under one roof in one building. What is co-living? Before knowing why co-living


How to Get Started with Remote Working

The trend of working remotely, whether full time or on occasion, has become a common workplace perks. According to the New York Times, in America, about 43 percent of employees spend at least some time working remotely. Remote working is like a dream come true for employees as it helps them to manage their work-life


Featured Campfire Member: Tiff Chan from Chantoneasy

‘Happy Ressurection Festival!’ by Tiff Chan from Chantoneasy® (based in Campfire Collaborative Space in Kennedy Town) The literal translation of ‘Happy Easter’ in Cantonese is ‘Happy Resurrection Festival’ or ‘Happy Return-to-life Festival’, which is something that the wider community can celebrate, outside of the religious reference. The extra days of holiday, granting us precious extra


Co-living: The New way of living

The concept of sharing the service is nothing new. These days we’re seeing it happening on a bigger level everywhere. Look at Uber and then Lyft – the cab sharing facility/concept. Now, the idea of sharing has changed our ways of living as well. But let’s see how co-living is the next concept of sharing.


Is Remote Working Right For You?

Let’s look back in the history of Remote Working and let’s compare how it has been adapted throughout time. More precisely from where they used to work. Remote Workers tend to choose to work in their homes, which has a result, they were much contented and in much better living conditions than that of us. The


What’s the best setting for Remote Working?

What might be the reasons behind the impeccable success of remote working in the modern work era? Well, different people may have various reasons. The main reason that makes remote working most attractive is the ability to work hours that work for you. Work/Life Balance has been a growing topic for workers today and, remote


Remote Working: Experiences

Opinions and experiences of people about remote working Remote working is gaining quite the popularity among employees all over the world. It is establishing its industry standard with its expanding culture in the professional lives of working people. In this era, remote work concept is becoming more acceptable than ever before. Working from home has


Which Industry Allows Remote Working?

What industries allow remote working the most & is it working? Remote working is a concept that is around 20 years old. Before that, only 9 percent of US workers worked from home occasionally. But, this percentage is now approx 40 percent. Over the last 10 years, the number of remote workers grew to 103


How Corporations Allow Employees Remote Working

How Companies are Implementing Remote Working with their Business Structure: Working from home, a café or a site far away from a traditional workplace is a dream of many stressed-out employees. Thankfully, today the concept of remote work has made that dream a reality. Remote Working either known as telework or telecommuting. Currently, many companies are


[Press] Campfire Raises US$6M to Increase Co-working Spaces in Hong Kong

Campfire Collaborative Spaces, a Hong Kong-based co-working community, has raised US$6 million in seed funding from a group of undisclosed angel investors in the real estate industry. It aims to launch 3 new co-working sites by July 2017. In addition, it will launch two co-living spaces (which would allow entrepreneurs to live and work together).


[Press] HK-based co-work space Campfire raises $6m in seed round

HK-based co-work space Campfire raises $6m in seed round Campfire Collaborative Spaces has secured $6 million in a seed round from various angel investors in the real estate industry, it announced Wednesday. It has been operating co-working spaces in two centers in Hong Kong over the past year. After raising this round, its immediate plans

22/03/2017, raises 6M USD in seed round

FASTEST GROWING INDUSTRY-FOCUSED CO-WORKING SPACE IN HONG KONG, CAMPFIRE.WORK, RAISES 6M USD IN SEED ROUND For immediate release, Hong Kong, 22nd March ’17 – After just 1 year of offering co-working spaces in 2 centers in Hong Kong, Campfire Collaborative Spaces has secured $6M USD in their seed round of financing. Along with this announcement,