Green Is The New Black: Sustainability In The Fashion Industry

Campfire Collaborative Spaces is thrilled to announce an upcoming panel discussion titled “Green Is The New Black” in collaboration with the founders of A.C.F, Hula, Divya Hira and BYT. Join us for an enlightening, informative and dynamic live talk along with bubbles & nibbles at 7 pm, September 14th. Mingle with industry game changers and


Campfire Spark: Industry Pitch Night

// WHAT Campfire Collaborative Spaces today announced a series of pitch nights called, “Campfire Spark”. Campfire believes that entrepreneurs draw the most inspiration from their peers so to further encourage industry-focused collaborations, it will kick-off 4 monthly pitch nights starting with “Tech”, followed by “Fashion”, “Media”, and “Design & Architecture”.   Each event will see


The arts scene guiding the future of Hong Kong Real Estate

  With up to 25,000 people per square mile, Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated urban centres in the world. Despite the issues with real estate, Hong Kong has been procedurally and consistently sporting an active arts scene, one whose burgeoning growth is seen across different genres. As mentioned by academic Kam


How Wong Chuk Hang approaches real estate in the right fashion

Property prices, and a massive concentration of people bordering on overcrowding in more spaces than most, and a cityscape teeming with businesses and communities are the characteristics of the real estate landscape we see in Hong Kong.   In a time and place where Hong Kong, as a mega-city faces a myriad of challenges regarding


Community and Co-living a solution to Hong Kong’s housing woes

The issues of affordable real estate in Hong Kong remains a pain point for its residents. Being the toughest place in the world for homeowners has left many residents looking at homeownership being a pipe dream.   In a bid to cover the necessities of having a roof over their heads, Hong Kongers on the


Travel preparations for your digital nomad journey

Being a digital nomad is becoming a feasible, and accessible option for most. If you’re looking for more freedom, autonomy, and a break from the increasingly ineffectual, and dreary 9 to 5, here is a checklist of 5 things you should have to be ready to live as a digital nomad. 1) Prepacking preparations Before


5 productivity tips for digital nomads

Being a digital nomad is fun, exciting, and offers a good deal of freedom, and fulfillment. Having a whole lot of different means to spend your day means more distractions. Here are 5 productivity tips to boost your digital nomad journey.   1) Own your mornings 25,000 mornings in our adult life, as the average


5 things to consider to be a Digital Nomad

There is a certain charm in the idea of being able to work remotely, lounging beside the beach with a mojito in one hand, while updating your social media page, knowing you have it better than the inane 9 to 5. With more of the world working online, it is easier to take remote working


The Digital Nomad and Their Workspace

The nature of jobs moving towards automation and having technology advance at an exponential rate has shaped and changed the job landscape, making certain jobs and tasks obsolete, expanding the possibilities for work and how we approach it. With the digital revolution, questioning the traditional 9 to 5 in lieu of other more attractive working


How Coworking Is Changing Real Estate

In exploring the evolution of how we approach work, and with millennials poised to be the majority of the workforce, the effecting changes ripple to other traditional services. With digital capabilities coming to the forefront of how business is conducted, workspaces have seen permutations shifting from traditional offices to the growing trend of coworking spaces.


Coworking – How Collaboration and Community Shape Companies

Despite the prevalence of large corporations often taking center stage in the business related news, with startups and smaller companies often reported as a result of a meteoric rise as a company, new technology or. However, with the scope and space that smaller businesses encompass, not all of it is sexy. Here are some fun


Between open-offices and remote working, here’s why coworking is the future

Traditional 9 to 5 is giving way to contemporary approaches to work, and that coworking is the way moving forward. With growing connectivity and the nature of work in the digital economy, the line between work and life delineates. This results in “work life integration” being a new norm that is widely accepted by most