The Best Online Security Tips for Startups

By January 18, 2017 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

As you may know, there are more than 150 million startups launched every year by approximately 300 million people over this entire planet. Out of them, only 10 percent achieve their target and 90 percent failed the challenge. There can be so many reasons behind the failure of a startup. The poor online security can be one of the strongest reasons behind the failure of your newly started online business.

In the present time, the security should be the first concern to get success in an online business. No one can deny the role and importance of security on the internet. If you are planning to launch a business or startup, make sure to keep your focus on the security of your online services. There is no doubt that for startups the online security is something that matters greatly.

There are so many tips for ensuring the security of your startups. These security tips will help you ensure run your business smoothly without meeting any interrupt. The security tips help your startup remain operational and active all the time.

  1. Hosting for the website of your startup

There are infinite numbers of web hosting services available in the market. Choose one that can keep the data of your website protected and safe always. Don’t go for a cheap hosting plan. Make your investment carefully in one from where you can get trustworthy and secure services.

  1. Encryption and firewall mechanism

Encryption helps to protect the informational data of your website from cyber criminals and online hackers. If you want to collect the personal information of your customers, employees such as their name, contact numbers, account details, address then you have to encrypt your website first. Get an SSL Certificate for your site.

Also, install a high-quality firewall mechanism on your website to protect it from unwanted virus attacks and get rid of any type of problems which affect your performance.

  1. Tell about your security policy to your all employees

Once you start your startup, many new employees will join it for taking care of different tasks. Prepare your security policy first and then introduce your staff with this. Firstly, install all the applications and plugins that you require. Mention it clearly, who will have the access to key accounts and critical information and all other factors that can affect the security of your startup.

If you are completely blank about security matters, you can hire an expert for your cyber security. Use their expertise and knowledge to build your security policies in a hassle-free way. For good results, train your employees in the cyber security practices.

  1. Use strong passwords

Remember how hackers took control on the Twitter accounts of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg? In the last few months, the world has seen many such incidents. To protect your website from such issues, use strong alpha-numeric passwords. For safety, change the password of your startup websites, emails, and social media accounts every 15 days.

These are some tips that you have to follow to protect your startups from the unfortunate fate. To be at the top, you need to update yourself with all the latest cyber security practices. Also, implement them on your business without any delay.


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