Why Asia’s Startups Need To Start Hiring More Interns

By February 25, 2017 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

In the startup equation, interns are considered priceless and a perfect fit for the mantra to “stay lean and grow healthy& fast”. However, interns are hired in the domain of popular companies rather than startups.

As you know, graduates are quick-learners, adapt things easily, and can provide additional hands in the tasks. But can these interns contribute enough to justify their roles in the business that is already having full hands? There is no doubt tapping into the fresh mind and approaches of the youth are never a bad idea in business point of view. Their talent can be used for the growth of the company in the future.

Startups have a lot to do always and according to that there are limited helping hands to do the tasks, so you can hire interns for your startups. They could prove immeasurably beneficial. Although, organizations offer the limited responsibilities to these interns but they promise to provide an experience of real-life workplace. Internship in high growth companies like startups is profitable for both parties and offer real values.

For example, Katy Owers who is a student at Perth-based University started working at TechHub incubator of Atomic Sky as an internship. Like other employees, she proved herself as the best performer in the company. She said, “When you work so closely with startups, their energy is infectious and you learn so much in the role. I learned very quickly skills that university doesn’t teach. Through the internship, I saw and helped businesses grow from the idea stage to something much bigger. I did such a variety of roles that it was almost like a mini-MBA”.

Usually, an internship is an effective way to check the potential of an individual and offer a back to the enterprises by upgrading the skills of the next generation of experts. But, smaller companies are realizing that interns are more than cost capacity.

Hiring new and fresh talent directly from the different universities can help in encouraging relationship and development. This is where these internships are reaching their heights of innovations. This is a common place in the ecosystem where startups and universities are connected together such as UK, Finland, and U.S.

Using internships to support the relation between startups and universities can provide benefits especially in Asia and Australia, where the startup ecosystems have not evolved around a university area. Making connections with different universities or even with young professionals, an organization can build an environment is progression and facilitation.

According to Sage Corps (startup), this is a clear evident in the success of intern specialists. On this, the founder and CEO of Sage Corps, Matt Meltzer explained, “We built Sage Corps around to embed university students into seed stage startup teams for their mutual benefit. Three years on, 180 students have been hosted by 80 different startups worldwide. Students get unparalleled professional experience… and startups get an extra set of talented hands and notable value at little cost”.

Internships are the perfect way for any startup to complete and attract the best students across the globe. Startup internships are building in Asia. Highlighting the changes made in Fintech startup ecosystem of Singapore, Tharman Shanmugaratnam who is the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, said, “Our universities and polytechnics have updated their curriculum and internship programs to help their students get the hang of FinTech.”

The community of youngsters can bring many changes with their enthusiasm. Above discussion prove that it is crucial for Asia’s startups to start hiring more and more interns.

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