About Us

Meet our team!

About Campfire

Campfire is Asia’s fastest growing network of shared spaces. With real estate at a premium in most major cities, Campfire provides reliable and flexible sites to maximise utilization. Our sites have been designed to provide every tool and service possible for members to grow.

Our Mission

To optimize the way our Campers Work, Live, Learn and Play. Through our network of shared spaces, we dedicate ourselves to providing customized connections and communities to everyone, online and offline.

Our Vision

To be a complete network of shared spaces where people gather to share their life’s journeys and adventures.

About Founders

Wang Tse

Co-Founder & CEO

entrepreneur at an early age, he has established himself within various industries such as property, jewelry, and F&B. He currently oversees the overall creative and strategic expansion of Campfire.

Albert Fung

Co-Founder & Chairman

Co-Founder and Chairman of Campfire Collaborative Spaces. Through strategic investments and acquisitions, Albert has been re-imagining ways that property in Hong Kong can be refocused for multi functional uses. He Currently oversees all financing and expansion at Campfire.

Brian Fung

Co-founder & Director

Co-founder and Director of Campfire Collaborative Spaces. As a highly experienced professional in property development and construction management, he is in charge of property development and location forecasting at Campfire.