7 Tips for The Best Experience at Art Basel Hong Kong 2019

We’re a bunch of art lovers here at Campfire and our team at our coworking space in Wong Chuk Hang are bursting with excitement for this years Art Basel!

As one of the most talked about art events in the world and the most prestigious of Hong Kong, Art Basel is back for 2019 with a three-day takeover of Hong Kong from 29th to 31st March.

With 242 premier international art galleries showcasing a plethora of artworks from all over the world, it’s hard to know where to start!

We caught up with art guru, and Campfire member, Beulah Van Rensburg – Artist and Founder of Van Rensburg Galleries, for her top tips to guide you through Hong Kong’s biggest art feast!

DO SOME STUDY: Beulah recommends a quick read on artsy.net to get some insider info into some of the best galleries and artwork of the Hong Kong art scene as well as insights into what to see at Art Basel this year

DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK: It’s easy to feel intimidated to ask about the price of the artworks, but if you take an interest in something, get the galleries to explain more about what you like the look of

TIME TO WINE DOWN: Forget the rush and the crowd! Get yourself a glass of champagne and walk around with it. For Beulah, this is the best way to relax and enjoy the most beautiful artworks in the world!

DRESS UP!: Contrary to popular advice for ladies to NOT wear heels (as you’ll be doing a lot of walking), Beulah encourages wearing whatever makes you feel inspired and elevated – and for her, it’s not flats!

ART BASEL’S MUST-SEE’S: What are Beulah’s top favourite sections of Art Basel this year? She tells us not to miss ‘The Encounters Section’ and ‘Asia Art Archive Talks’ – always highly stimulating and worth attending

A LOCAL TASTE: Make sure you get your local fix, with Hong Kong galleries such as ‘10 Chancery Lane’, ‘Galerie Ora Ora’ and ‘Pearl Lam Galleries’

MORE THAN JUST ART: There’s more to Art Basel than just art! Make sure you check out all the other weird and wonderful installations and activities that are happening all around this week! Check out all programs for Art Basel 2019.

Looking for something unique? Check out our top favourite art galleries in the southside to add more colours to your artsy venture!

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