5 productivity tips for digital nomads

By May 31, 2017 October 2nd, 2018 Lifestyle

Being a digital nomad is fun, exciting, and offers a good deal of freedom, and fulfillment. Having a whole lot of different means to spend your day means more distractions. Here are 5 productivity tips to boost your digital nomad journey.


1) Own your mornings

25,000 mornings in our adult life, as the average number of mornings we get in our adult lives, at some point in that number, you chose the life of a digital nomad, and finding your rhythm is essential. Sam Marks, a successful entrepreneur, and angel investor, swears by the Chiang Mai breakfast scene.

Morning rituals are what a few successful people subscribe to in helping find that productive rhythm.

Getting in sync with your mornings, and managing your sleep is paramount. Understanding the challenges faced with the lifestyle and how to cope with them, will make setting your ritual on your own terms easier when you’ve had enough sleep.


2) Set time and place for your tasks

There are some who believe that you shouldn’t check your emails first thing in the morning, and others who believe that you should. Though to each, his own, it helps to designate the location and time to set about certain tasks through your day.  

Cafes for emails, coworking spaces for conference calls or meetings, other tasks on your list when you are offline, your choice. Just be sure to plan your blocks of time to give the next block of time some gap so you don’t overextend yourself.

And don’t overdo your to-do list.


Circadian rhythms, natural rhythms, and understanding your cycles


3) Time your tasks, take a nap

You left the dreary 9 to 5 to have more autonomy over how you spend your time, but is the time allocated to your task effective?

Time spent at work does not directly translate to work being done. Renowned sleep researcher Nathan Kleitman has discovered that we work best in 90 to 120-minute cycles, following the ultradian rhythm before we get diminishing returns. Breaking the cycle down to 25 minutes with the Pomodoro Technique will garner you even more productive gains. A time management tool lauded by both CEOs and other digital nomads to get the most out of your short, focused spurts.

Also, you’re not on the clock anymore, a well-timed nap has been proven to boost cognitive performance, go ahead, you’ve earned it.


4) Rest and exercise is part of your job

We know you’re excited to take charge of your destiny, and that you’re working for yourself now, to reach an end greater than yourself. That is why it is important to take time off to refresh and recharge yourself.

Focus on one task at a time, and when in doubt, exercise, you are the main driving force of your journey, and it’s your responsibility to take charge. With fitness tools and apps designed around the lifestyle, you should be getting right on track.

Workout to get your work cut out for you


5) Map around your workspace

Plan before you travel, map out good cafes and coworking spaces in places you want to explore. Having a good coworking space as your base allows you to expand your network and serve as an anchor for your travels.

With some coworking spaces offering multiple venues in a city, you can maintain a balance between enjoying the travel and sightseeing perks of the digital nomad, while being productive and getting quality work in when it counts.

Collaboration, and coworking, can be important tools in your pursuit of productivity


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