5 Must Need Apps For New Startups!

By August 8, 2016 December 3rd, 2017 Lifestyle

Have you laid down your career’s foundation by introducing your own business? Congratulations! You have taken the very first step in making your dreams come true. But mark one thing, a new concept or business requires you to an all-rounder in everything ranging from managing the staff, attending meetings, employees’ training, managing marketing strategies, arranging timely schedules and much more.

Along with a capable staff, good ambiance, and appropriative professional competencies you need a network that helps you play you each role efficiently and connects your staff in a loop. And here come business apps to make you work efficiently in various situations.

You won’t believe but it’s true, some apps, specially crafted for start-up businesses are efficient in bringing the real entrepreneur out of you. These Apps works like a problem-solving tool, which makes you communicate with your employees and office members and re-organize your life as an entrepreneur.

Here are the top 5 apps that if utilized properly, can let your startup be a pole star among the crowded constellation of daily emerging startups. And they are available to serve your organization without a SALARY and will never demand a THANK YOU note.

1- Slack

An instant messaging platform that is effective in organizing communications and conversations all in one place. Whether yours is a small or large-scale organization, you can easily organize your teams’ internal conversations either via emails or messages by creating your private or public chat rooms, offered by the app.

And not only the instant messaging, ‘Slack’ offers you easy integration with other communication platforms such as Twitter, MailChimp and Google Hangouts. Seems amazing? Yes, it is! Hold on! You still have more features to grab. You can easily drag and drop images, files or PDFs in Slack that eradicates the intricacy of attaching and downloading files.

You can either download its free version or you can enjoy all the upgraded features just by paying $8/month to get its paid version.

2- Pocket

Just like a pocket secures your favorite stuff for later part of the day, the app to justifies its name by bringing all your required content, videos or photos in your pocket. It’s a fact that you can never find the same article that you see and leave for tomorrow’s reading as it vanishes in the wide world of articles online. And you know how much difficult and time consuming it is to relocate the same web page.

But never mind, you can now bookmark any piece of writing, publishing, industry event or any video and open it without the struggle of browsing of finding it whenever you feel like reading or watching it in future. Thus Pocket keeps the entrepreneurs up-to-date with the industry news, publishing, current events, articles, newsletters and so on.

3 – Evernote

Really an amazing app that seems to be designed especially for the easy working of new businesses! Available both in the free version and paid as well, Evernote makes it easy for you to sync and share ideas and notes across multiple devices both smartphones and desktops.

The team management and administrative features of the app have made ‘Evernote’ the first priority of every entrepreneur. Various office management responsibilities such as planning productivity patterns, time management, team handling, remote team communications, and guidelines sharing etc. have been simplified by a single app ‘Evernote’.

4 – Todo

Todo, cute name! The effective Todo app features full task and list sharing methods within the selected team. It is the best tool that rewards with setting to-do list and accomplishing it well.

It also includes all task details like start, end, due dates, location, time, and space. The exceptional color coding system makes tasks easily visible.

5- Skype

If all the competitor apps are unable to compete with the leading app Skype then there must be something unique about it. The famous app remains popular among its users with more than 8 million reviews on Google play.

Being available both in smartphone and desktop version, you can now make free international calls, sorry video calls, exchange photos and files of any size with Skype. It also avails you a feature of instant messaging. You can create chat groups and can make a call with 25 people in a group. Seems impossible but true!

So, let these apps give a chance and experience the pace of working you will gain. And also, these apps will let you work with a technical hand which is always there to help you.

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