The 5 Leading-Edge Apps You Need To Know About Right Now

By March 3, 2017 October 2nd, 2018 Lifestyle

Many people will shake hands with you when you ‘Apps are in motion these days’. Numbers of applications are coming in the market each passing day. Whenever you make a turn to the market, you undoubtedly come up with ‘what’s the new trend’! And this is all because technology is leading and it’s running with a great speed.

New trends have already acquired the market, which turns a month before discovery into history. These days’ innovations are taking place like on every Monday. That’s why you shouldn’t get amazed when you read Apple is all the way to launch its iPhone X (iPhone 8) in the 4th quarter of 2017.

Anyways, let’s start from the 2017 app gifts from the top 5 leading-edge apps which are already shaking the market.

1- Newton

The ‘Supercharged Email App’, this is how Newton is covering its audience. It’s an application which is simple and minimalistic. This is used to serve the email processing tasks and be used for iOS or android devices. The compatible services of Newton work with mobile and desktop electronics.

2- Hooked  

This application is getting more fame because of its tagline “Fiction for the Snapchat Generation”. The innovative persons designed this application by stepping out of the box. This app is quite appealing but nobody could say about its longevity.

3- Charity Money

Charity Money has been created by the CEO and venture capitalist, Adam Dell. This app is used to manage finances and uses AI (artificial intelligence). It involves a number of tasks such as management of money, tracks your finance, helps you in saving money, creates a budget, and provides suggestions about bills and credit scores. Plus a suggestion subscription helps you save money. It’s an all in one application with so many toolbars.

4- Flipboard

Flipboard was launched in 2010 by its present CEO and developer Mike McCue. With a tagline ‘News for Every Passion”, this online magazine is honed to public interest. An AI algorithm with advanced shifts collects a complete data of your social life including present and history to build up magazine pages.

Mike says “Sometimes I think of news feeds as the ‘mystery meat’ of your information diet. It’s not like you finish reading your Facebook feed, after half an hour, and feel like, ‘That was a great use of time!’ It’s like if you ate potato chips all day long.”

5- Pillow

It’s the best sleep application available in the market. The fast track combination includes sleep tracker, alarm clock, and sleep aid. This smart combination securely tracks your sleep patterns and sleep quality. What you need to do is put it down on your board and sleep without worries. Rest it will manage by its own!

So, these are the top trends in the market which are holding a place on everyone’s phone.



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