3 Reasons Entrepreneurs and Startups Are Bringing Toys Back to Life

By February 14, 2017 October 2nd, 2018 Lifestyle

The movement toys-to-life is bringing toys again to this modern world with some improvisations on their existing toys model. Entrepreneurs and startups are redesigning the toys model in the market.

Though, the innovations are usually associated with new franchises in the market. The same consideration goes for toys industries. But yes the toys industries are significantly upgrading their toys configuration.

One assumption suggests that the topical decline in toys sales has been affected by the power of digital technology in our day to day life. The industry still holds a tag of the source of power because of its immense potential to generate toys of $21.18 billion worth in the U.S. market.

The toys-to-life movement is growing to bring life into the decreasing toys disruptions. The Toys-to-life is the latest video game available in the market which includes physical figurines and actions to perform inside the video game.

The optimizing brands of the toys have made them work through the (NFC) near-field communication technology. This technology enables you to experience a new and improvised level of mobile gaming.

Jia Shen, the CEO of PowerCore company has explained it as “We worked closely with Mattel and Animoca Brands to incorporate our toy-to-life digital activation platform into the latest version of He-Man Tappers of Grayskull”. “To kick off the integration, we produced a series of five NFC-enabled He-Man character cards, each featuring one of five fan character favorites.”

Here are the top 3 reasons:

1- Through making more interesting toys

Making engaging toys is the top priority of such toy companies. The toy manufacturers like Mattel, PowerCore, and Animoca are collecting more useful sources to enhance gaming methods. They are taking help from mobile experiences. There are great opportunities for startups in this field as many toy veterans have innovated large scale methodologies to design more interesting toys.

The reason behind the success of toys-to-life is their compatibility to connect kids’ early years’ gaming with their growing age digital games.

2- 3D world has printed the new gaming world and opened door for new generation

In Pasadena, the designer con has devoted its 3D printing sessions to generate new toy designs. According to the estimated impact of Mckinsey’s 3D printing, the toys product ranges between $100 billion to $300 billion. At the event, PowerCore was holding the chair as the chief supporter of DesignerCon. The event was organized by the PuzzleCore app.

It benefits a hub through two ways. One, it’s easy to make a structure for entrepreneurs and second is it’s created opportunities for customers.

3- Through expanding gaming perspectives

As the developing time is bringing new innovations in the gaming world, the toy industries are also witnessing a huge change in the formatting pattern of games. The mobile games are acquiring new methods to modernize the existing gaming methods.

This has been stated by Shen as, “The key is seamlessly integrating games into everyday life. In doing same, they become a natural lens through which you experience real life.”

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